Wednesday, September 12, 2007

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Why are Singaporeans paying sky-high prices for property?

According to the Household Expenditure Survey 2003 (
93% of HDB households own their flats and 88% of private residential households own their properties.

So why are Singaporeans still paying sky-high price for property?

The simple answer is that: They don't have to.

Then why are they doing it? Namely, kiasu.
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In a nutshell, the property market in Singapore is strong fuelled by sentiment, rather than fundamental. Hence, any down turn in sentiment is enough to send prices plunging.
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Take for instance the resale market between 2004 and 2006, despite continuous economic growth ( a positive fundamental), the negative sentiment continues to drag prices down in the suburbs even though prices at the high end market has already soared (another positive fundamental). The sales volume remained the miserable few hundreds during this period. Sellers got really pessimistic and were selling their properties practically at half price.
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Yet, there were so few buyers. When this market segment finally caught up with the property boom in early 2007, buyers suddenly swam in to chase the price to an insane level. By middle of 2007, prices have gone up as much as 50%. Surely the need for home couldn't have changed so drastically in a year.
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Perhaps, it all started with the media reports about the millions that enbloc sellers are pocketing. Then friends and relatives are boasting about the good money they've made from their properties. Can one help being envious? Envy soon turns into impatience, and impatience into bad judgment, and bad judgement can cost one's life earnings and more...
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