Saturday, May 10, 2008

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Sample Termination of Tenancy (Rental) Agreement

(Date of Notice)

(Tenant Name)

Subject: Termination of Tenancy Agreement at (Address of tenanted premise)

We refer to the tenancy agreement dated (Date of tenancy) entered between you and us, the landlord in respect to the above premises.

(State reason below. The following is an example.)
Pursuant to the last clause of the tenancy agreement, which states “Both Tenant and Landlord can give one month notice for early termination of Tenancy after a minimum occupation period of 18 months”, we hereby give you one(1) month’s notice with effect from (Date of notice) to terminate the tenancy.

Kindly vacate the premises on or before (date).



Name of Landlord/s
Owner/Joint Owner of said premise

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