Monday, May 19, 2008

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Who are the Smart Buyers ?

The opposition have many colorful names for the Smart Buyers. Among them, KiaSi, KiaSu, No Balls, Stupid Bears and Pigs. The one that calls to mind most vividly is *Koyok Man.

*For the uninformed, Koyok Man is a chinese-medicine-street-salesman in Singapore who sells the infamous, all-cures Koyok, a plaster with sticky black medicine calls koyok on it.

Who really are the Smart Buyers?
Smart Buyers look at the economic fundamentals, the affordability, the foreigners' earnings etc. and decide if there is enough upside to buy at the asking price. If the answer is NO, then Smart Buyers don't buy no matter which way the herd is charging or what the rich and famous are saying in the media.

To quote Kwek Leng Beng,"A shrewd investor will act on his own." I must add, after doing his homework thoroughly.


Anonymous said...

Hey, I like the way you quoted KLB out of context ... bouncing his manipulative words back at him.

Smart Property Buyer said...

I may have twisted his context but I've certainly not quoted Kwek Leng Beng out of context.

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The blogger here has been affectionately named by close allies as "Smart Buyer" but really, he's not smart. Smart Buyer just believes that being prudent is smart. That's the essence of the message of this blog and Smart Buyer hopes it'll benefit other property buyers.

Smart Buyer :)