Tuesday, June 3, 2008

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Singapore Property Price Index Graph Plotter for PPI Graphs by Zones, Age and Types.

This online tool
provides a powerful visual aid for analysing property price trends in a glance. Here's a screen shot for the PPI graphs in the city region (i.e. District 1 to District 10):

The PPI graph on the left shows the price trends from April 2007 to April 2008 for new lauches, and the PPI graph on the right shows that for the resale market. A glance shows quickly that the property price has fallen for new launches, while plateaued in the resale market.

The following is another screen shot which shows the property price index for the last 12 months (from April 2007 to April 2008) for Region : West (D22-24). An instant glance shows that prices for new properties in this region are fluctuating, while those in the resale market has begun to show a slight dip.

The 2 graphs below show the property price index graphs "By Age Band" :

This one shows the PPI graph for properties between 1-2 yrs old:

This one shows the PPI graph for properties that are more than 20 yrs old:

Interestingly, you'll notice instantly that really old properties are enjoying better capital appreciation than the new ones.

Online Property Valuation

The online tool also provides instant online valuation for your property. The following shows a screen shot:

All you need to do is key in your property information such as the postal code and the tool will provide an instant valuation of your property. You may also track the change in your property valuation over time.

You can access this online tool here.


Anonymous said...


Areere any alternatives in which u can evaluate the price trend for the past ten yrs? Thanks!


Smart Buyer said...

Hi Desmond,
I don't own the site recommended in this post and cannot in anyway dictate what info the site is to provde.

It's purely recommended for the benefits of the blog readers. I do not have any commercial interest in the site, nor do I know the site-owner.


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Smart Buyer :)