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By: rob_502
Posted: 18-10-2007

I think the goverment is doing all that they can do relieve the short term supply crunch. What I am worried is that they may over do it and there will be an oversupply in a couple of years. I am sure they are controlling the media, notice that it is not so much hyped up as 6 months ago. The hyped up it is, the more people will panic.

Market is everywhere is too hot to touch, property, stocks, china, you name it. However the ELEPHANT (US) is definitely going to slow down. Let's see how this will affect the EASTERN superpower.

I have never seen anything like it in my lifetime. Property prices goes up as fast a the stock market. This market is definitely driven by greed & liquidity in the asian market. What goes up must come down!

I am waiting on the sideline definitely, happy renting for a while as long as my landlord don't KETUK me in 2 years time


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