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Smart Buyers Collection: Big Boys CARNIBALISE on the weak and common people

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By: Wee Liang
Posted: 28-12-2007

If everyone were to be as intelligent, and yet kind enough to give logical advice, there certainly will be less casualties. I was in the property industry, we have datas and informations that ppl on the street do not have. We know the game that BB is playing, ya to be direct...Quek, Ng you name a few, ...are selling properties, gov want to look good for the IR is a GAME...and SPH reported wat is in line with gov policies...Is the BB CARNIBALISE on the weak and common ppl....of course, is also not the duty of property agent to tell you WAT is the Happen, we need to earn the commission for a living!!!

Take these pointers seriously please...I have been selling properties 80% of whom CPF wiped out, ...I must also admit that my families are the miserable few who benifitted from the en block sale at bedok res (1st owner never shift)...most of our neighbour DIE...owe bank cpf wiped out, mostly 2nd and 3rd owners, some shifted to bigger properties also DIE...and the few who benifitted in property like to BOOST LOUD LOUD to mislead other fellow singaporean...ya SPH support them

Good Luck for those who do not take this logical advise...


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