Monday, June 23, 2008

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Dakota Residences Sold 80 units with Price Lowered - Sentiment still fragile

Sales of Dakota Residences encouraging
Ho Bee Investment and NTUC Choice Homes have sold 80 units at Dakota Residences over the weekend. The developers have so far released 122 units in the 348-unit project at an average price of $970 per square foot - lower than the $1,000 to $1,100 psf Ho Bee had indicated in June 2007 when the developers emerged as the top bidders for the 99-year leasehold site.....

Ho Bee executive director Ong Chong Hua said, ‘It shows that if you price your project right, there are still buyers. There’s quite a bit of pent-up demand.'.."We’ll review it but any price adjustment will be moderate. Sentiment is still fragile. If you’re too aggressive in raising prices, you run the risk of stalling the sales momentum.’
Business Times - 23 June 2008

虽然最近的楼市相当淡静,但上周末预售的达高轩(Dakota Residences),却还是成功卖出了大约80个单位,即三分之二的预售单位 ....
“它距离地铁环线(circle line)中的达科达(Dakota)地铁站只有大约5分钟距离,而且刚刚公布的2008年总蓝图显示,加冷河畔将被赋予新生命,打造成高级濒水住宅及休闲商业区,建有滨海住宅、酒店、办公楼、零售与娱乐设施。”
Zaobao - 23 June 2008

Dakota Residences Two-thirds Sold
Despite the subdued property makret, Dakota Residences sold 80 units during its launch last weekend, that's two-thirds of the units launched ...
A spokeman for Ho Bee said that Dakota Residences was able to achieve quite good sales mainly due to its promising potential.
"It's about 5-mins to the Circle Line MRT and also, according to the 2008 master plan, the Kallang River district will be rejuvenated and is sited for development into a luxurious waterfront living, commercial district, ......."

Zaobao - 23 June 2008

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Dear Kate,
I'm encouraged to want to do more and better.

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