Sunday, June 22, 2008

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City Fringe Condos like Citylights and The Icon Hot Among Singapore Expats

Zaobao (Singapore's Chinese morning papers) reported that city fringe condos like the The Icon and Citylights are in demand among expats:

市区公寓 老外新欢 - zaobao, 22 Jun 2008

从夜晚的灯火和悬挂了窗帘的窗户来看,海天大厦(The Icon)和瓅之尚都(Citylights) 等完工半年至一年的新市区公寓,都已经取得超过一半的住用率。这些市区公寓不靠近学校,也没有湿巴刹,到底吸引怎样的租户?

English Translation of the above excerpt:
Judging from the number of lit apartments and those with curtains, it seems more than half of the units at The Icon and Citylights are already occupied. These city fringe condos are not near schools or wet markets, so what are their attractions ?
These city condos are not near schools or wet markets, so the residents here are different from those in other residential area. You see few children, instead expats ratio is relatively high.

While sale prices have dipped for these 99-year leasehold condos, they still command good rental yields.

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