Friday, June 27, 2008

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HDB Subsidies: HDB Housing Subsidised ?

There have been numerous complains among Singaporeans about HDB housing being to expensive, the manner which subsidies are given for HDB housing based on market rate is not justifiable, and the way HDB computes its lossess due to these subsidies lacks transparency. The following blog post is such an example:

Letter from HDB: HDB consistently incurs losses selling new flats: "What I would like is for the government (either the 'profitable' entities like SLA or URA) to come clean and let the public know how much profits are stashed away in their books or transferred to the government as capital gains since Day One. We do not want to hear HDB's deficit; rather, we'd like to hear the SLA's or URA's surpluses."

Sentiment like that is getting increasingly louder as property price continues to surge upwards. Logically speaking, one would expect subsidised public housing to be priced at a affordable level of the low income group. Singapore's HDB may have set a totally different definition: Subsidised housing means a discount from the market price. At a time when market price is sky-rocketing, such a methold of computing housing subsidy can make even the lowest priced basic housing unaffordable to the low income group.

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