Saturday, June 21, 2008

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Inflation Impact on Global Economy Escalating

First the US Subprime Problem, Now the Emerging Economies are also in trouble as 'investors take flight from the Asian equities as inflation fears mount' reported Straits Times today.

Here's an excerpt of the report:
Investors take flight from Asian equities as inflation fears mount
China has taken the largest hit, with funds selling billions' worth of mainland shares
FEARS that rising inflation will choke Asian growth have triggered a dramatic flight of foreign funds out of regional shares. The outflow - a stark reversal of the trend a year ago - is a sign that foreign investors are no longer sold on the Asian boom story, including China's astronomical growth.
Singapore, which attracted nearly half of the net inflow of foreign funds into Asian equity markets in the first five months last year, (Singapore) is another underperformer. Fund managers have sold a net US$229.8 million worth of Singapore equities this year, helping send the benchmark Straits Times Index down 13 per cent since January.
- Straits Times, 21 June 2008.

So far, Singapore's economy has still been enjoying the lingering economic boom of the past few years in the emerging economies. This however may change quickly in the months ahead as Singapore's economy continues to get pounded by the economic turmoils in US and now, in Asia. Optimists who are still holding on to all the rosy plans of the IRs may be caught off-guard by a sudden downturn in Singapore's economy.

Property buyers should exercise exceptional prudence in view of this escalating global inflation which may eventually bring the world's economy to its knees.

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