Friday, June 27, 2008

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Buying a HDB Flat HDB first appointment

Just for the first-time HDB flat buyer, here's a first person account of his first HDB appointment.
The guru rants...: HDB first appointment: "HDB first appointment
on the 28th of jan, we went to HDB for our 1st appointment. i took UPA leave for that day. we met abg malek at mac at toa payoh at around 9 plus. talked for a while and then we went in about 10am. we waited for the makcik and her agent. then we took a number and waited on the 2nd floor. then we were called to a counter and signed some documents. after that we waited some more to meet up with a HDB officer.
when it was our turn, we went in and the officer did not ask us much. he just took our details and when we wanted to have the 2nd appointment earlier, his face turns like an asshole. abg malek did not help much either. he did not say much. only the other agent tried to talk to the guy. our agent accepts it just like bargaining or fed-up.
after that, we went to see the lawyer. the lawyer not in so the secretary handled our case. she took our particulars and papers and we signed more documents. we are asking the lawyer to try to make the 2nd appointment a bit earlier but do not know how it turns out.
really excited to see how everything turns out....can't wait for the letter to arrive."

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