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Impact of Inflation on Singapore Property

By: Be cool
Posted: 30-12-2007

Even though the economy is doing well in Singapore, inflation is up. Most of the Singaporean is spending wisely and they are going for more affordable HDB and EC. The cars are also at it lowest at this point of time. Expensive Private housing is for the rich. However, if they are really rich, then they should look for landed housing. Many of these foreign buyers are also speculators and with some of the measure enforce by government, it will definitely frightens them away. The downward transactions for the past 2 quarters are a good sign. Singapore government is good for their control and law enforcement.
Government has assured that the housing will stay affordable. The announcement is to make sure that people who call Singapore their home is able to get their house at a reasonable price.
Most speculators are using greed and fear to swindle people to buy. Be aware! Good news of affordable housing will continue to come......

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