Wednesday, June 25, 2008

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HDB Resale Trends: West Regions See Highest Price Increase

While small 3-room HDB flats in the central region continues to command the highest price, it's HDB flats in the western region of Singapore that saw the highest price increase across the board for the typical family unit (who needs a HDB flat of size 4-rm and above); as shown by the table from HDB below:
RegionsPercentage Change inRPI (Resale Price Index)
3R (31%)4R (38%)5R (23%)Exec (8%)

This trend", in my opinion, is likely to continue especially now with the government's announcement of the Jurong Lakeside district development into a key commercial region which naturally will add a great deal of value to the properties here in the west. The latest GLS also include a white site in Jurong East which shows the priority the government is giving to the development of the Jurong Lakeside district.

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