Friday, May 16, 2008

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Uncertainty for both bulls and bears

This post presents the "self-fulfilling" nature of the marketplace. It is food for thought ..

Posted by: Anonymous
Posted: 14-05-2008

There is a great deal of uncertainty for both bulls and bears. No one knows which direction the markets are going to take in a couple of months time. We are currently in limbo, waiting for the next BIG sign to appear. The markets are like a highly compressed spring. The moment there is the slightest indication that the worst is over, the rebound will be a massive uptrend. Few will believe that recovery will take the form of a V but it is plausible. The US is on the way to building the biggest bubble next to the dot-com boom with its current measures and policy changes. Though bubbles are not sustainable, they modify perceptions and tweak public opinion to create self-fulfilling prophecies of well-being and growth.

Everything that we see is an illusion. The numbers in the stock markets. The figures reflecting rises and falls in the property markets. They are but all manifestations of what the masses believe in. And belief can always be manipulated and controlled. The most dire of circumstances exist because the masses believe they exist. When that set of beliefs is manipulated by the media and governing powers, reality shifts to follow accordingly.

Growth or not, recovery or not, everything hinges on what everyone believes in.

Bears and bulls, we are all living in an illusion.


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