Tuesday, May 27, 2008

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HDB Living Snapshot: Neighbourhood Branding

A creative suggestion to improve HDB dwelling.

Cooler Insights: Neighbourhood Branding: "What if we brand each and every one of our estates in Singapore? In other words, give them a greater individual identity, uniqueness, colour and point of differentiation. After all, Singapore, though tiny, isn't just a homogeneous and uniform mass. It would be awesome, wouldn't it?

This isn't just about slapping on a fancy logo, or creating a visible campaign about cleanliness, civic consciousness or civil defence. It isn't about a fancy schmancy advertisement on TV, newspaper or radio. It also isn't about getting more people to do more of this or more of that.

Rather, it is about identifying the core essence of each town council, each estate, each road and even each block of flats on our island. It is about knowing what makes each and every estate special and different in the eyes of its residents, visitors and other stakeholders. It is also about seeing how these points of distinction can be better articulated using the touchpoints of branding - key messages, taglines, advertising, elevator pitches, websites, blogs, lovemarks and events."

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