Monday, May 19, 2008

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Buying Property Now : Not Worth it

This Smart Buyer's view says it all:

Small developers already can't wait and started to market their properties. Developers are trying hard to reduce the supply to keep the private properties maintain at the high point. The government has just taken action to supply more BTO for Singaporean. Most of the transactions now are probably by foreigner. However, with the more supply of private properties of rental, the foriegner will definitely go back to rental then purchase.

Price is set to fall further and further. Smart buyers won't waste their effort. Most of us have house to stay, why bother to buy for investment if it is not worth it.

Exciting months ahead.


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The blogger here has been affectionately named by close allies as "Smart Buyer" but really, he's not smart. Smart Buyer just believes that being prudent is smart. That's the essence of the message of this blog and Smart Buyer hopes it'll benefit other property buyers.

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