Sunday, May 18, 2008

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A Tease from Smart Buyers to Speculators

Smart Buyer 1 wrote:
Its a game of poker, with Paulson, Bernanke, Bush, and bank chiefs the stake holders. They want, no, need, you to believe all is well, but its a house built on stilts, with a cankerous base. But no one must know, or investors will call their bluff.

These are the same government people and bankers that were declaring all is well even as the sub-prime and ensuing credit crises were starting.

Can the Central Bank single handedly uphold the American economy? Does the money magically appear out of thin air without cost? When will the equation be balanced, and what will happen on the day of reckoning?
The day had actually arrived, but they have postponed it by printing yet more money. You can flog a dying horse with ever greater doses of green adrenaline, but you're just delaying the inevitable.

Well, the party may go on, but just remember to cash out before the music stops, or you'll be the one left holding the baby.

Smart Buyer 2 wrote:
Similarly, housing agents, developers, property punters all want you to believe that prices haven't run ahead of affordability and economic growth, and that they have to resort to crimping supply just to maintain prices, whilst, giving surreptitious discounts and rebates so that the recorded transaction prices don't reflect the true fall in prices.

Don't need to get worked up Mr Speculator at people in this forum who simply don't believe your rosy predictions. If you're so confident in your investment, you wouldn't be banging the pots so loudly. You'd quietly go out and realise that profit and get a life.

Smart Buyer 3 wrote:
That's right. We are just teasing Mr. Speculator for his funny quote.


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