Tuesday, May 27, 2008

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Buying HDB Property in Opposition Ward, Potong Pasir

Let's face it: HDB housing is intrinsically inter-woven into the Singapore politics. The Singapre government has openly admitted that priority for HDB upgrading will be given to consituencies who support the government. If you're as pragmatic as me, you may have second thought about buying HDB resale flats in opposition ward like Potong Pasir.

The following post reflects the little irritations you may have to live with in the opposition wards:
Chiam and Sitoh:
"Just this week, there is a public spat in Potong Pasir over some broken lights. I will start off by recalling the facts of this case.
Six of the eight solar-powered lights (costing a princely $20,00) installed by Mr Sitoh had been vandalised. Those lights are along a concrete footpath leading to the MRT station - thus highly utilised by residents.

Mr Sitoh refused to repair the lights. He had leased the land from the Singapore Land Authority early last year to set up the lights. Lease for the land runs out on Oct 31 this year.

It is illegal for Mr Chaim to use town council funds for the repairs, because the land in question was not under the council's jurisdiction.

No lights leading from MRT to esate, residents suffer."

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