Saturday, May 31, 2008

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Rental Demand Outlook : Bull vs Bear

Bull wrote:

"RENTAL must come down first, then property. But if the property price down means rental already down, who still want to buy investment property to rent it out. If property price start comming down, it will down and body want to buy because they cant rent it out. When the RENTAL market start comming down ?
Very unlikely that RENTAL will come down as hundred of thousand of jobs here need foreigner to fill in. Unless for some reason they are not comming any more, but what reason? No body know.
Enblokers still renting as they cant buy lower price property than they selled, so rental market remain strong.
Foreigner still renting as they are keep comming in Singapore to fill the jobs, so rental market remain strong.

Waiting for Singapore property to come down, no way. Although it have peaked. "

Bear wrote:
"Has peaked means no sense to buy now anymore.. + so many bad news .. so no buyers but developers still have 60% unsold units and some more coming .. HOW???

Don't know if foreigners are still coming leh but vacancy rate has increased ... means got units not able to rent anymore .. one month vacant means 10% off return already .. even if rental doesn't drop as much .. landlords' earnings have dropped with the vacant period in the calculation ... lower return means lower holding power, also means not attractive to buy unless price drop loh .. "


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