Friday, February 20, 2009

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Alexis at Alexandra sold out?

Property agents said Alexis@Alexandra was sold out within 3 days. The following are responses from forumers.

SmallTimer said:
"isit? can quote any report? i just got sms from agent that it is 80% sold so what is the latest? at first i laugh at the email from agent that markets this project saying that the value will appreciate by 2011 (TOP time) and rental can yield 5% .... i was wondering who the hell will believe all this bullshit. but i was wrong ... there are apparently a lot of people that take thing pretty much as the email says and dive into buying. good luck for them. me, i would rather miss the boat keep my cash then buying such over-priced property. "

Commentor#2 said:
"c'mon, common sense tells me that if the take up rate is so good, the paper will splash out immediately or at most the next day like the Caspian. I read the paper every day and till now did not see anything at all. Action speaks louder than Words, ALWAYS.

You are not sensibly talking but blatantly lying.

Actually I hope you are telling the truth because it is more of a Good News than Bad. Those Bullshitter, you think yourself, I am not going to explain why. "

Extracted from the Singapore Property Forum.

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Anonymous said...

I have been wondering why this project was sold at almost fully sold over the weekend even with the recession deepening. But now i understand what happened after talking to a friend who was at the showflat launch. There were plenty of high handed pressure selling from agents such as 'if you don't buy now, other people will buy it' or 'price will increase tomorrow if you don't buy today'.

And of course it doesn't help that, many other agents were frantically getting other buyers to sign on the dotted line. It is just like a pressure cooker at the showflat and i believe that most who bought on that day will wake up the next day regretting buying it.

FYI, most units will going for between 1100 - 1200 per sqft. only the penthouse were sold at 850 per sqft.

Anonymous said...

I heard people saying that many of the buyers are agents trying to flip, is that true?

superidiot said...

Just another cheap marketing ploy by property agents. Good luck to those who have signed the dotted lines. I personally think it is time to brace ourselves from the financial tsunami.

Judging from all the economic activities, it doesn't need someone with a Phd to figure out that things are not improving at all and recovery in 2009 is like the pot calling the kettle black.

We have seen experts denying the recession back in early 2008. They got it wrong. Then they denied things will get worse in mid 2008. Then Lehman falls and Wall Street went into free fall. End 2008, the experts say investors missed the bottom and Jan and Feb 2009 is when Wall Street (and STI) soars...well we know what happen.

So what is happening now? Look at the property in Dubai and Hong Kong. All the great cities are dropping like dominos. Singapore is next then we will be witnessing how these agents and buyers are going to drop like flies with no money in their pockets. Good way to ride out the recession dudes!

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