Wednesday, October 8, 2008

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Real Estate Investment Tip: Don't put all your eggs in one basket

I know of a friend who works in the real estate industry and who owns 3 properties, 2 of which are still on mortgage. I asked him why he put all his eggs in real estate. He said property will always appreciate in the long run and with the IRs coming blah blah blah .... He also thinks that working in the real estate industry gives him the upperhand in understanding market movement.

I tried to tell him that no matter how sure he is of his real estate investment, diversification is important to reduce his risk. He'd hear nothing of that.

"Stock market is too risky," said this friend of mine.

"But what make you think real estate is less risky?" I said, "You can buy just a few thousand dollars worth of stocks.. money you can afford to lose but your real estate investment is heavily leveraged and if you run into cash-flow problem, you're going to lose big time."

He'd hear nothing of that. He just went on and on with the IRs .. blah blah blah.

That was in mid 2007. This year, the real estate outlook started to sour. He's not only worried about his 2 mortgages, he's worrying about his job too. He's really got all his eggs in one basket. But isn't that true for so many Singaporeans?

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