Tuesday, October 14, 2008

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Singapore Property too big to fail?

Excerpt of forum exchanges from the Singapore Property Forum:

"One year back everyone knew it was going up. Today everyone knows its going down.
Do you think a recession after 6 years is a normal thing which will have no effect on property. Property will go down, and there's nothing that you and I can do to prevent it."

"If the ppty does go down this time, I tell you, the entire SIngaproe economy will collapse along with it Why? Because never in our history, we have so much exposure and have put in so much money into this sector. We are no longer talking about a homeownership of 85% or 90% in Singapore population, but a probably above 300%. Because since the ppty boom in 2004, many individual has bought and owned up to 3 or 4 ppty each. This is a very serious matter, folks! "

"Singapore economy is not going to collapse with property market crashing.. most people are just living in their properties so when prices go or down, it has no real impact .. those people who bought 3-4 properties will have to sell cheap and lose money if they can't hold.. period... people with the money to buy cheap will gain ... just a transfer of wealth .. The people who should worry are the people who are highly leveraged, like the developers and speculators. If banks have to write-off, then shareholders of banks will also suffer ... "

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