Friday, August 22, 2008

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Where Are Property Prices Headed ? Follow the money

"Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also."
Where do people really believe property prices are headed? You can't trust what they say (because of vested interests), so just follow the money.

I believe minimal property price fall of 10% so far does not reflect the true market weakening. This is because of seller's hope that things will turnaround soon.

The true sentiment is exposed in the following 'money signs':

1. Low Volume
The lack of buying proves that investors don't believe a price rise is assured, nor the likelihood/magnitude worth the risk.
Genuine home buyers also opting for HDB over Private Property simply because it private property is overpriced and unaffordable.

2. Crushing fall of developer shares

Capitaland (halved)
Was $8.50
Now $4.41

Kepland (worse than half)
Was $8.80
Now $3.86

CityDev (down 41%)
Was $17
Now $10.14

3. Loss of confidence amongst developers
No longer dare to bid high at land sales
No longer willing to pay high for enbloc.
Giving discounts.
Holding back launches

Posted by Ann at the Singapore Property Forum
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