Friday, August 22, 2008

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Singapore Economy to Slow Down due to US Subprime Crisis: Will property price crash like1998 Asian Financial Crisis

Yes, I totally agree Singapore economy will slow down, but it's not collapsing like what we experienced in the 1998 Asian financial crisis. That is the main point that most people have missed. Economy slowdown will only impact stock market, not "real estate".

Whether this financial crisis ( US Subprime Crisis )will cost the property market more than the 1998 Asian financial crisis, it's not for you or me to say, so don't talk like if you say it's not going to cause the kind of collapse as in 1998 then, it's not going to. Frankly, I don't know. What I do know is that this crisis has affected the world, it's going to last longer than the Asian financial crisis and we've much more property supply in the pipeline than 1998. To insist that the economy slowdown will only impact stock market, not "real estate", is really insulting the intelligence of people.

To say that the US subprime crisis has impacted the world is an overstatement. That's only the western media tactic to pull down the east economy along with them. China still projects a double digit growth, so does Singapore for conservatively 4% next year. Indonesia is booming and expected to reach back its pre-Asian financial crisis economy glory soon. Middle Eastern countries are explosive, so does Russia and other emerging countries in America Latin. We are not insulting your intelligence, just try to remind you not to overestimate it.

China, Indonesia, India.. are all experiencing historical high inflation as a result of weakening US dollar, if not completely at least partly. This will eventually have impact on growth, though to lesser degree than Japan and Europe. I think growth forecast for China has been reduced to single digit. Oil-producing countries always stand to gain but Singapore is an oil importer. The key point I'd like to emphasize is that the Singapore government has already told its people to be prepared for a downturn, it's wise to do so. One must understand that when even the government becomes naysayers, of which they're not inclined to do so because such cautious talks deplete investors' confidence, then there's got to be some really serious problem brewing ahead. PM Lee himself, for instance, has said that this downturn is likely to last till next year and possibly the year after. MPs and ministers have spent the entire national day season telling people to spend prudently. Anybody who advise otherwise are clearly doing it for their own vested interest.

Extracted from the Singapore Property Forum

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