Sunday, August 17, 2008

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Property Developers Profits Drop in Q2 2008: Developers see business hit in Q3 - Q4 2008

Home sales has dropped drastically to just about 2 thousands in the first half of 2008compared to more than 14 thousands sold in 2007. HIT by fewer home sales, lower revaluation gains from investment properties, drops in divestment gains - and even the stronger Singapore dollar - most property developers reported substantial drop in profits in Q2 2008.

CapitaLand reported a 43.5% drop in its Q2 profit, City Developments a 15.1% drop and Keppel Land a 16.4% drop.

Most listed developers have warned that the global slowdown and weakening market could continue to hit their business in the Q3 and Q4 of 2008. Even the most upbeat are only 'cautiously optimistic'.

The Ministry of Trade and Industry's latest quarterly economic survey showed there are increasing signs that segments within services - including the retail trade and hotels - are showing slower growth.

Property stocks with exposure to those sectors - such as CapitaLand, CityDev and UOL Group, to name just a few - could see contributions from those divisions drop.

As for the residential market in Singaporee, a number of banks including Citigroup, Credit Sussie, Barclay have forecasted a drop in prices of as much as 40%; which could have a negative impact on some developers.

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