Friday, August 8, 2008

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Cash is King In Recession

Extracted from the Singapore Property Forum:

Anonymous 1 wrote:
I have just trimmed myself back down to one property. Will be getting my cash soon. Any advise on what to invest for the time being? BTW, prices are really coming down.. Check out the straits times on last 2 saturdays. Cash is King.

Anonymous 2 wrote:
What a big mistake.
Saturday paper advertisement don't tell you anything, only transacted deal is true fact. People can advertise whatever, but not for sell, just testing market, agent pay for the fee.
Cash is shrinking everyday, cash will not buy back property you have sold. We have printed too much money in the system, rate is coming down, property will move up again.

Anonymous 3 wrote:
I see a definite pattern of ppl who keeping losing money in their investment: When price is going up, they think price will keep going up, so wait and when price is going down, they think better hold because if they sell they'll lose money... so in the end whether price is going up or down, they'll keep waiting. HOW TO MAKE MONEY?
CASH IS STILL KING when the recession comes and it's coming very soon.

Anonymous 4 wrote:
Sorry, for that I beg to differ. Especially, when I see the Sing Dollar has been sliding to nearly 1.39 already. Very soon, the whole impact of the hyper-inflation will be realized. CASH IS EUNUCH.

Anonymous 5 wrote:
Cash is always king. It's the mean of trading is carryout. Whether it's bear of bull. What talking you?

Anonymous 6 wrote:
If Sing Dollar is shrinking, your property value will be vanishing quickly.

Anonymous 7 wrote:
Yes, an excellent point. Investors will cash out

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