Friday, August 22, 2008

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Inflation Impact on Property Price: Two-edged Sword

Bull said:
In time of high inflationary pressure like this, the skyhigh construction cost alone is enough to push up further the property prices ....

Bear replied:
To go on and on talking about how the skyhigh construction cost alone is enough to push up further the ppty prices shows your total self-centredness, thinking that all buyers must buy just because you think they must. Here's the truth, skyhigh construction costs work against the developers first and foremost, making it even more expensive for them to hold their unsold inventory. Here's another truth, more than 90% Singaporeans already own their homes so there really aren't many "must' buy people around. So while developers may be able to hold for a year or 2, most buyers really can wait indefinitely. This is the true picture that most buyers themselves have missed.

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