Tuesday, August 12, 2008

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Singapore Economic Growth Down to 2.1% Q2 2008

S'pore's economy shrank in Q2 and exports are also set to fall, a sign that sagging growth is set to be a bigger worry for Asia than inflation.

The following are some forumers' responses to the report at the Singapore Property Forum:

Forumer 1 wrote:
People are going to be losing jobs, losing bonus, ... we may be into what Tony Tan called "long, deep recession" ... property is set for a crash ..

Forumer 2 wrote:
If you are affected by the economy pressure, advise is to buy HDB. Don't push yourselve as private property is not your choice.

Forumer 3 wrote:
You probably going to get fire with your kind of mentality. Properties are not going to fall as cost of building them is increasing and sin dollar is dropping. Go and buy HDB if you can't afford private property.

Forumer 4 wrote:
is it?
I only see more new BMW, Merz, Audi...on the road.
Orchard rd is so crowded, people keep buying.
US$ is low, everybody go US for holiday.
Peple is still buying property at current price.
PC show, mobile...new nodels are still sell like hot cake...
where is the recession? crash? all these are in the heart of coward, timid, kiasi, kiasu.....work hard, be creative, opportunity is there for you.

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Anonymous said...

looks like last person who commented has just bought property which is heading for a Big Time Crash...can a small dot on the world be safe when giants like us,uk,china are crashing..

Anonymous said...

I believe in coming back big by Singapore. However, i feel that current situation is like a bubble to Singapore. We still got upcoming projects that still building, why we have to afraid of these news? US bank got problem, not Singapore Banks. Unless you have invested there. We are looking at Singapore.

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