Friday, July 25, 2008

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The following are views of some forumers on the way they look at property investment (extracted from the Singapore Property Forum) :

Forumer 1 wrote;
Let me tell you as a property buyer how do I feel. I am a businessman and have my own house fully paid forth. I'm looking to buy a 2nd property but its no hurry. The price has to be right. I am not desperate to feel that I need to buy now or I will lose out in making money. What will you lose if the property prices suddenly shoot up or if you miss the boat? There are always better opportunities elsewhere for better returns, like stocks, other businesses etc. I am conservative and what I look for is stability. The purchase must not cause additional stress to my family financially or cause me to wake up in the middle of the night worrying. Please be prudent and do not over overstretch yourselves. My feel is that economy is slowing down and you need to watch your liabilities.
I have to evaluate and weigh the returns across different investments, and when to get in at the right price. That's part of my "job" in doing business. Fear of property price shooting up? Not really, my bigger fear would be more on overcommitment.

Forumer 2 wrote:
You are so right. Business is all about weighing various options - stocks, forex, commodities and last of all, property which is so illiquid.

Forumer 3 wrote:
A desperate seller and a cool investor. It's obvious that the price will drop as the buyers are taking our time.

Forumer 4 wrote:
I fully agree with you. And because the buyers left now are mostly like you - prudent, rational, not greedy - prices must fall. The ploys of those ppl who try to talk up the market has failed completely.

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