Tuesday, July 22, 2008

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Property Investors Never Allow Speculation to cloud your decision

A genuine property investor must not allow speculation to cloud his mind. A residential property is ultimately just a roof over the head for someone. Its real value is ultimately determined by how much a would-be tenant is willing to pay for such a roof over the head.

Only speculators ignore fundamentals such as ROI for their properties. Speculators would pay much higher prices that can be justified by the ROI, with the overly-optimistic belief that another speculator would pay them even higher prices. If you're not into such speculation, you must maintain your clarity throughout, even if property prices start to soar with speculation.

The bigger the bubble gets, the more alluring they look, and they more risky they become. If you have decided to walk away from such speculation from onset, then be blind and deaf to such housing speculation no matter how hot it gets. Until and unless the bubble bursts, you must tell yourself that you'll nothing to do with it. One thing for sure, all property bubbles will eventually burst. In fact, the longer they take, the harder the crash.

There is nothing worse than for a prudent property investor to change his mind half-way-through after watching the property price going up for a period of time because then, he'd be most likely to be caught right at the peak of the property cycle. Instead, a logical investor should look beyond property investment.

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