Thursday, July 10, 2008

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Waterfront Waves New Release at $6xx psf, lower than prices paid by earlier buyers.

MM Lee Kuan Yew has particularly mentioned on the property cycles also
"They go up, then they go down. So when they go up, don't believe that it's going to go up further and further, and you start buying bigger and bigger, and mortgage for bigger and bigger amounts. Because the day it starts to fall, the cycle goes around, you will find yourself with a negative value asset." - Feb, 2008

He said that in early part of the year and sure enough, many of those who brought at high is going to have negative value asset and it's a reality. Good example is Waterfront Waves new release from $694 psf Straits Times July 5th. URA transaction Average more than $800 psf, Apr 08 $909 psf. About 20-30% drop. Those who brought just few months ago are having their property drop by so much. They will suffer when the condo is ready, immediate 30% loss! For a million dollars property, they are loosing 300k. That's a lot.

Posted by Anonymous in the Singapore Property Forum.

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